Have the World and Eat it Too!

Christmas 2010 was incredible! A short year ago, the coconut palms were decorated with lights, the live music was excellent and fire dancers performed under the stars.  The many tables laid out with the freshest seafood’s on  ice, pick your desire and have it grilled to perfection, chase it with a beer and a fresh mango shake for desert!

Hop on a motorcycle Christmas day and ride until your hands go numb on the handle bars. Seeing everything on the way, feeling it, smelling and touching. The world and its beauty, the people who live and play, laugh and love.  Take it all in and eat your fill, take a big bite out of Chocolate Hills, it reminds me of playing Candy Land as a child, only for real this time!

Spend some time on the reef, diving in the underworld. It’s a different world,  you float down and drift with the current, just observing. Time, space and gravity don’t apply here, wonderful and magical, the sea beings dance for you in a garden of multicolored splendor, a true display of “Special Effects!”

Time stands still almost, just another magnificent sunrise, watching the boats go out to sea. No news, politics, disasters, riots or mindless refuse to infect your spirit. Feeling the warmth slows everything down, especially my blood pressure! Feeling the sun in your soul, as it drops beyond purple clouds on the horizon, signaling the end of yet another day.

It looks like I’ll be spending Christmas in Kansas City this year, my next trip to paradise won’t come until Valentines Day! It’s okay though, a couple months pass and before long, I’ll be back where I belong!

Happy Holy-Days to all, and to all a Great Night!

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