About Truth

Who decides what is true? We do!

A not so funny thing happened to me the other day. I had misplaced my day planner and my truth at the time was that someone must have walked off with it from the restaurant we had dined at after church. I’d searched high and low before giving in to my inner voice that told me my planner was a goner and I’d better replace my banking, drivers license and other important documents that I had been carrying around at the time.

It was stressful, but I reasoned there was nothing that couldn’t be replaced, just get it done and move forward. So that was my day yesterday!

This morning I woke up early and decided to get the dirty laundry together and wash it, dumping a pile of clean folded clothes from the basket onto the bed yielded a huge surprise, my planner tumbled out from under the pile. It was like it looked back at me and said “You idiot, I was laying here waiting the whole time!”

My truth had blinded me to the possibilities and had I been more thorough, I would have located my lost planner before going through all the trouble of replacing it. I shook my head,  relieved on one hand that I got my stuff back, embarrassed on the other hand that my truth had led me astray.

My truth was really just a fear:





I’ll keep this lesson in mind next time that inner voice tells me the truth, damn it!

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