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Five Trips to Paradise!

Whats your Paradise?

“Living the Dream,” my dream anyway. Whats yours? What drives you to stay up late, get up early and out perform the desperate masses? I’m no Guru, but here’s a  snapshot of my year so far, it goes like this…

I spent the Christmas and New Year holidays scuba diving off Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines,  some of the best natural reef and marine life in the world! My dream world is under the water. I’ve made personal friendships with huge Hawkbill Sea Turtles.  Whale Sharks as big as a school bus patrol the clear blue waters and pristine reef sanctuaries. There are tiny sea horses, clinging onto beautiful sea gardens that burst with every shape and color imaginable. The scene makes a typical Christmas light display pale in comparison as these colors are alive! Can you imagine swimming in a school of florescent tropical fish?

Paradise meals consist of fresh tree ripened tropical fruits, fish that were caught only hours before landing on the grill, huge mounds of steaming rice, garden grown vegetables that actually taste like something. There’s nothing quite like lopping the end off a coconut when your thirsty, sweet water that’s a great thirst quencher and packed with nutrition. There are so many coconut trees, they can’t give them away fast enough, and kids show off by climbing the tall palms to cut you the biggest and freshest ones. The coconut jelly inside makes a meal in itself!

There’s something incredible about looking out your bungalow window over the white sandy beach and watching the boats prepare for action, with the colors of a rising sun as the most glorious backdrop!  The cost of such a view is usually around $15 a day, when you take advantage of  scuba divers package rates. You can find low season deals and discounts by doing a little comparison shopping online.

Christmas eve on the beach, the music is fantastic and fire dancers perform for you, children sing carols to earn some spending money. Missing is the barrage of western advertising that take something special and make it cheap and stressful. The fisherman have no idea about the latest catastrophe, murder or world disorder, they just do what they do best, go fishing!

A tropical vacation is the best blood pressure medication there is, try it and see! I live my dream so much that I’ve been back to my tropical paradise again and again, five times already this year. There are ways to do it and I’ll show you how!

There’s a way to live any dream, whether its a tropical vacation, or a trip to Minot.  Some people dream of having time to spend playing with the grand kids. Each dream is unique and as real as you make it. Why not take a few moments and close your eyes, create your dream, write it down. Post it where you can see it many times a day. Believe in it long enough and strong enough,  you’ll find a way!

One thought on “Five Trips to Paradise!

  1. Wow Paul what a Beautiful word picture you have painted for everyone to see. I can not help but to wish that I was able to share this Beautiful experience with you. Your Paradise is a very peaceful place Paul. I know that you will make your Paradise your permanent residence sometime in the near future.

    Keep On Living Your Dreams,

    Your Friend For Life,

    Steven Squillace

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