Time waits for NO ONE!

Another summer has come and gone and the beautiful Fall season is upon us! It was hot and dry this year, 70 plus days of triple digit temperatures here in the Midwest, and little rain to cool things off. I welcome Fall with open arms! Winter? Now that’s another story…

It was busy too, too busy to do much other then work towards my goal of early retirement on some tropical paradise island. To that end we made real progress, having purchased an ocean view property, (paid for) and built a home that will serve us until our dream house is finished!

Between working extra hours and traveling to and from, I put aside the blogging and internet activities. Now that things are slowing down a bit, I’ll take up my keyboard and contribute my thoughts on life, love, prosperity and abundance. I do it more for a record of my life to leave for my children and family. Anyone else who happens across it and wants to add to, comment, approve, share or bash is welcome! It was nice to get off my chair and just work and talk to real people, belly to belly as they say!

Now that I’m back in business, I’m tuning into what I feel is the most¬†prevalent issue ¬†in living Freedom. Sure, most people want to be free, but when the time comes to decide and take action, the comfort and certainty of not doing so stops them before they ever get started. I’m convinced, there are very few people in the world who have what it takes to be Free. It’s sad but true.

They let hours, days, months and years pass by, only to look back later in life, professional wishers. They never had the courage to move forward or they got a start, had a hope, but quit before finding their acres of diamonds! What took me years to realize, and believe me, I have almost quit, more than once, is the secret to success and prosperity, living the dream, is to sort through the 9 out of 10 people quickly. Put precious time and effort into those who move quickly, those who have a powerful dream and aren’t ashamed to tell you what it is!

The others are just spinning their wheels in the mud, and you will get splattered and dirty if you don’t step aside. They will have to come to terms or not, and there’s nothing you can do or say to them that will make a bit of difference. The magic is inside of them, if and when they decide to believe they too can be Free to live their Dreams! No-thing is impossible in that place…

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