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Whats Freedom got to do with it?

All the buzz about deficits and debt, stocks and the economy.  The News Mongrels are having a hay day with it, cashing in on fear and loathing of the good old reliable American System!

The Management Team has either been making some incredibly poor business decisions the past hundred years and there are some deep, dark, greed inspired secrets that need to be revealed.  Exactly how will this world economy crisis affect my dream, your dream, or your children’s dreams? This remains to be seen.

Any farmer knows you can spread all the manure you want, if you don’t take care of the rest of the details you can still wind up with a field full of incredibly healthy weeds. It seems there may be enough going on to finally spur the majority to take action, eliminate the weeds and have the opportunity to get things in order.  Or the majority can choose to sit on their asses and watch their freedom and livelihood go away on TV.

Be a farmer, get up early and get to work, get things done and do them right! Learn from the mistakes of the past and don’t repeat them. Grow good fruit and prosper your children’s children. When you see weeds taking over, get rid of them, whether they be of a political nature, or the weeds, doubts and fears that grow in an untended mind.  Put down the chips, turn off the TV, and take action!

America is a great country, the Earth is a world of plenty in an endless universe. There is abundance enough for all, more than enough to go around. Stop fearing and start sharing, sharing ideas, dreams, energies. With the awesome potential we have available today, there is no limit on what we can produce, right here, right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is never today!