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Better Web Builder

You can’t build any business without a steady stream of highly targeted, qualified leads!  Better Web Builder offers over one hundred dollars in FREE online business building tools that work for promoting any direct sales, network marketing, or affiliate program.

The training and support is fantastic.  Anyone can earn commissions by referring this to other online business entreprenuers, world wide!


Better Web Builder - Lynn Jones


I was not even looking for an adventure like Better Web Builder! However, I am so grateful my friend shared her Presentation page with me. And that is just how simple it is and that’s one thing I love about BWB….the simplicity of it. BWB is also so flexible since it can be used if you have…

Lynn Jones 
Mar 06, 2011


I have been in the network marketing industry for some time now, been in other lead generating systems, and have not seen anything as generic as Better Web Builder, and have not had the results and have not had the duplication in any other system.

There is nothing like it — what other system do you get paid 7 levels deep, promote your products, primary in the back office, a customizable capture page, customizable autoresponder to name a few, and join for Free — not for 7 days or 2 weeks or 30 days, but for life. You can use all the tools you would need in network marketing for FREE — FOR LIFE. It will never ask you for your credit card.

The training and community support is absolutely amazing.

I was really frustrated with network marketing, just thought there had to be easier ways of making money, it shouldn’t be so hard to make money online. You can use BWB to generate leads to build your primary business, or you can use BWB as your primary. It works for both.

I was so frustrated with network marketing, and when my friend showed me this system, I didn’t want anything to do with it. But I read the emails I was getting, and I attended a webinar and liked what I saw, and I joined a month from when I first signed up.

I have never had success like this in one year, never mind one month. You know what’s most exciting is, I’ve been here 5 weeks, and my team members are already top producers for the week.

This system is so simple, anyone can do it, someone who is brand new to the network marketing industry, and the one who is already successful in network marketing,who can show this tool to his team, to help them to learn to generate their own leads. You can just simply sign up, and advertise the link. I don’t like to sell and you don’t have to sell BWB — the system sells itself.

Thank you Art & Rob Phelps!

Date of Posting: 23 April 2011

Posted By: Cindy Loewen
Online/Network Marketer Gold Affiliate with BetterWebBuilder, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Better Web Builder is one of the best things I’ve ever discovered on the internet to enhance my lifestyle.

As a student I was always in search for a way to improve my financial situation and registered on October 6, 2010. But at that time, with all the disappointments already experienced,  I thought BWB was just another one in which I would waste my time. Recently I took a closer look at it and found out how powerful this business tool was and how much I’ve been losing since.

I upgraded and now just spend my time sharing this great business tool with both people I know and those I really don’t because it’s really worth it.

This is awesome!

Don’t waste your time doubting like I did and miss this great opportunity. Act right away!

Thank you!
To your success!

Joseph K





















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