Humor me

Worth a smile!

I know, there’s not much to laugh about.  That’s what they want us to believe anyway. With unemployment, the economy, hyper-inflation, immigration reform, the upcoming elections (another year of political ads OMG), global warming, violence in the schools, natural catastrophes,  what does anyone have to laugh about? Not to mention my NFL favorite teams are all in last place :-( It can only get worse!

I’ve noticed that when I am confronted with something that is truly funny, something that gets me laughing to tears, all the troubles in the universe are gone, at least for a brief moment. Where did they go?

While searching out the latest catastrophes to start the day, whether it be on CNN, Yahoo, or the local news station, keep in mind that it only takes  a little negativity to make a huge impact on how we think and how we feel inside. A little more jaw clench, a pain in the side, or an angry look at the jerk who cut you off on the drive to work this morning. Maybe even the middle finger!

Why not make a concerted effort to find something hilarious to enjoy with your morning 6 cups of Java? Try searching out the insanely funny for a week and see if it makes a difference in your outlook and how you interact with others. There’s a couple billion ways to LOL on YouTube alone, seek them out and share the really great ones!

Like taking my vitamins each morning, LOL can make a tremendous difference on how I feel the whole day. That could catch on and become viral.

Look out world!

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