Fear won’t set you Free

If you don’t live in a cave, you have probably noticed just how much negativity is being poured on us from every direction,  from our caring and concerned buddies, the mainstream media or what I have labeled, “the dark side.”

If like attracts like and we are attracted to the fear that’s plastered all over modern media, we become victims of fear. We won’t find peace, sleep well, nor will we be content. The beast has us right where it wants us my friends and it will strip us of our motivation, confidence and power to live our dreams.

We must fight the fears and media demons with the positive power of faith, motivation, and positive action, to move forward into the light. We will have to cut ourselves off from that which binds us to fear, not an easy thing to do in this media controlled and saturated world we live in.  It takes a conscious and consistent effort to tune out the negativity that steals the life force from within us.

We must connect with the energy of positive souls who can enrich and nourish our lives. Mastermind the actions and ideas that are supportive to growth and advancement of humanity. Disconnect from the dark side and plug into pure potential of truth, freedom and abundance! When enough people decide to stop the insanity and take the path with heart, the world will be transformed in an instant!

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