Claim your Abundance, Or Don’t

A little bit goes a long way!

There are numerous stories in history that address Abundance, the Law of Attraction and Prosperity Principles. The Old and New Testament are filled with them, as are the writings and stories in every spiritual work. What did these Millionaires of Old have that we don’t have?

Unshakable faith is a key ingredient to a world of plenty and focus. It’s difficult to focus on anything good when your world is filled with doom and gloom in the form of The Public Media. The teachings say what we focus on is what we attract, if so, how can watching and listening to the media, TV News, movies and negative programming bring anything good to the table? If the Law of Attraction holds true, what we focus on becomes our reality, even on a mass scale. No wonder the world seems to be going down the toilet, right before our eyes!

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move that mountain! Just how big is a mustard seed anyway? Its seriously tiny on a scale of things. What would happen if everyone on the planet had faith the size of a mustard seed? Like a seed, its easy to lose, drop, blow away in the wind of some negative news report or the constant ramble of mindless politicians.

The mind machine would have you believe the end is near, maybe a week or year from now.  If what you focus on becomes your reality, are you focusing on the good in life? Are you focusing on your dream?

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