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Dad Discovers Secrets to Facebook Success in an Hour Or Less!


Today more than ever the part time entrepreneur needs to uncover ways to attract quality targeted leads in a minimum amount of time. It’s tough to come home from work or school, have dinner, and get some work done between demands of time with the family, distractions, unanticipated phone calls, you name it. The evening hours slip away so fast, it takes discipline, time management, and efficiency to find an hour or two in your day for doing focused, productive activity and move your business forward.

Facebook is one tool if utilized to its full potential, that will allow you to make enough contacts and build quality business relationships in minutes. The Secret is consistent daily activity that will fill your pipe line over time. You can manage a home business along with a full time job and family obligations, until you have grown enough to scale down or eliminate your full time job, and experience the Legacy Income and Time Freedom that so many are dreaming about.

Like baking Grandma’s perfect apple pie, there is a recipe to follow. Alter the recipe and you will have a different product, stay with a proven recipe and your pies will be sought after and talked about, duplicated and passed on for generations!

Part of that recipe is getting education that will allow you to succeed in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort. Like Granny’s apple pie, you need to learn the skills that will duplicate, and build your Legacy even while you sleep! Time is the most valuable commodity you possess, time to watch your children grow, time to exercise, time to build and enjoy your dreams…

For example, simple math will tell you how many active members you will need in your business to earn a specific amount of residual income. It’s an easy matter to take the average commission paid, and divide it into your goal income to see where you stand compared to other compensation plans. Why would you want to work five or even ten times harder then you need to?

The truth shows that most people do not understand compensation plans enough to be sure how much they are earning. Companies make them difficult to understand for this very reason, hiding the bottom line in terminology they hope no one will take the time to decipher. A good majority of the compensation plans are designed to profit the company and upper level affiliates while the part timer gets the scraps.

Another trap to watch out for exists in the policies and procedures of 98% of all the existing companies in Network Marketing. Gotcha clauses that give the company an unfair advantage on how they can control, or even take away your business and hard earned income, overnight.

Clauses like “Ongoing Training and Support” mean you can never retire. Renewable yearly memberships can be conveniently not renewed for what ever reason. You stand no chance in court because your checked the box in agreement with the companies Policies & Procedures.

A good question to ask  is “How many pages are in the Company Contract?” The more pages, the better chance your company is building a pile of leverage against you, most definitely not in your favor! The majority of excited associates don’t even bother to take the time to do an in depth review of their company policies and procedures.

The bottom line is you owe it to yourself and your family to do your homework when it comes to picking an opportunity to work with. Learning how to attract leads on Facebook is of secondary importance if you’re in the wrong opportunity to begin with. Get educated, evaluate your opportunity, learn the marketing skills and get to work!

Paul W. Murphy

Midas Gold and the Cabbage Patch Kids



Unemployment numbers don’t look so good, in fact they look downright awful.  The Cabbage Patch Kids may have to reconsider their time out on QE and fire up the presses.  More “Folks” are dropping out of the labor force and the New Year is starting out with a fizzle!  A hundred dollar bill just doesn’t have the magic it used to, even with all the special effects.

Good News!

There’s gold in the air and you can turn your cabbage to Gods money with the touch of your Midas finger! In fact, you can start a Free Gold Savings Account by helping two wise leaders who are looking to protect and grow their assets during tough economic times by trading worthless cabbage into solid gold!

The World is watching and tires of the glut of worthless cabbage,  seeing the true value of the Midas touch!

Are You Hungry Enough to Learn the Game?

I am continually amazed and baffled at the number of well meaning people who are willing to check the box, pay the money, and work their tails off in substandard opportunities and illegal pyramid schemes. Look at it in a business sense… Would you start a franchise and invest a quarter million dollars without doing thorough research on what it is your getting yourself into? Wouldn’t you spend weeks doing research, create a solid business plan, talk to professionals who are skilled in the areas you’re weak in, and give your new franchise all your focus and attention?

The beauty and the beast of Network Marketing is the standard low cost to get involved, and general ease of getting your business up and running in short order. Most people tend to blow right by the importance of doing a thorough evaluation on the business they are joining, and many act from an emotional level. For example, it may be that you have found an exceptional product line that cured your dog of chronic barking. You find that this is the only product that’s ever worked, therefore you figure it will work as well on all the barking dogs in the neighborhood. How exciting for everyone in the neighborhood to get a peaceful nights sleep! Business is booming…

The truth is without a solid contract that protects you from being robbed by the company when you are earning a six figure monthly income, you stand a good chance of one day getting an email from the company saying, “Sorry, but due to the great efforts of the associates in the field, this company has decided to go direct sales, and thank you for your hard work and efficiency!” You have just lost your income!

Another great example I see every day is when well intention-ed Net workers get started in a new opportunity and don’t have a clue about how to read the compensation plan. They have no idea how much they are going to get paid. Much to their surprise, when I sit down with them and walk them through the process of understanding their compensation plan, they soon discover it will take anywhere from 1,000 to 25,000 active members in their group to achieve that elusive six figure income they’ve been dreaming about all these years. It’s hard to laugh when you find out you’re in the “Dollar a Month Club!”

The beauty of Network Marketing is the education you need to evaluate what you are doing, or what you want to do. The cost for this knowledge is the time it takes you to learn it. Now who in their right mind is not willing to invest 80 to 100 hours of their time to learn the In’s and outs of the profession they are actively participating in?

If you want the actual statistics on that, I’d say it will prove to be somewhere around 98%. That’s the failure rate in Network Marketing folks, are you willing to settle in and just be part of the herd?

Get yourselves Educated and do it right the first time!  Don’t put it off another day, or the 20 years it took me to figure it out!