The “Duh” moment

I had the most wonderful experience coming back to the USA from the Philippines. Normally, its difficult to catch the flight out of Manila, being a non revenue employee I always fly stand by. The flight is usually full, and I’ve been left behind more than once. I decided this time that I would be prepared, just in case I couldn’t get on the flight.

I had an “Ah Ha” moment, ¬†and looked into getting into whats known as a Zed fare with a code share airline, this one on Korean Airlines to Seoul, then jump a Delta flight back to Detroit. To my surprise, there were many seats available on that flight, and as a back up plan, would only cost me around $50 US to get on it. That idea saved me the stress and worry of missing my original flight. Funny thing is the option was always there for me from day one! All the previous worrisome moments and delays, the lay overs I experienced were for naught, I only had to open my mind and let the possibilities manifest!

I’m sure there are many options for us just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes the stress of the moment chains our mind and keeps us from utilizing our full potential and creative thought process. We get bound up with the stress and inconveniences that life offers us. Blinded by distractions and narrow thinking, the solutions remain, waiting to be realized. As I get older, I am learning more on how to think, not what to think. Prosperous are those who discover their true potentials and take advantage of imagination and the creative mind!

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