If I was any better, I’d be YOU!

A good way to break the ice and make people feel great is to throw them a compliment right away.

The standard reply to “How are you today?” is “Doing fine!” I’ve found that a sincere authentic reply while looking straight into the eyes of your new friend and smiling works much better.

I’ve noticed most people are afraid to make eye contact, or even say hello, unless you initiate the conversation first. Warm them up with a smile and a welcome, when they ask how you’re doing, reply “I’m doing fantastic! But I’ll get better!” or, “If I was any better, I’d be you!” I also add a little humor by saying “You know, I’m doing incredible, but don’t tell anyone!”

I like to invent new icebreakers and test them on people. I’ve found that being in an awesome mood myself makes all the difference!

Now get on out there and help someone feel great inside, it only takes a couple seconds and it’s catchy!

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