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Okay, Winter’s here already!


It’s about time to drag out the long johns and boots again, warm stocking cap and gloves.  After three beautiful sunny days in the 50′s and 60′s, it has turned to winter, literally overnight!

I didn’t quite get all my fall chores done, old man Winter caught me with my sandals on.  Anyway, it is what it is and I’ll just take it in stride this year and not complain about the cold too much.  With all the disasters, Typhoons and Tornadoes, do I really have any right to complain?

You are having 10 inches of snow in the West and North, and 1/2 inch of ice down south.  Here in Kansas City we’re getting a little rain and tomorrow down to 10 degrees, quite balmy really.

I’m gearing up for the season, new tires on the Blazer and organize my office for some serious online marketing time spent in the comfort of my cozy man loft!

Ti’s the Season to grow your business!

Winter’s here already!



Thanksgiving, the great American holiday that allows us a day to be thankful for our many  blessings.  A day to get together with family and eat to our hearts content! Forget about our digestive system for a couple of days as we work through all the leftovers.

Thanksgiving means something more to me this year.  Sure, I’m thankful most every day.  I still have a job, and a roof over my head. I have food to eat and water to drink.  There’s a lot of things to be thankful for, especially my family.

I am blessed with my kids here in the states, and my grand kids. I am double blessed with my wife “Mercy” and our 2 kids on Camotes Island, Philippines, and my extended family there. Not to forget my siblings and their families. I’m thankful I have one huge wonderful family!

So, I’m extremely grateful every day, that my family is healthy and happy! I thank God for that!

A few weeks ago I was worried and frightened that I might lose my family in the Philippines, my wife and children, my extended family there,  as Typhoon Yolanda        (Haiyan) bore down on their country and tiny island. Fortunate for them the eye of the storm missed Camotes Island,  but not by much.

They suffered through a terrifying storm, one that tore most all of the trees down and ripped through houses, towns, and everything in its path. They tied down the roofs and huddled in what was determined to be the safest building.  The evacuation centers were not necessarily the best place to go and some of them were destroyed in the storm. Many people died in those shelters.

For me, the hardest thing was not having communication with my family during the storm.  I did get a call in just before the worst of it hit, and was relieved to hear all were okay there so far, and that trees were falling all around. It must have been terrifying for them, it was for me too in my worst case scenario imagination.

Communications went dark for a few days and all I knew was the unfolding tragedy I saw on the news.   I tried for days to get word, and finally did. My family survived the storm, unlike the thousands who didn’t.

A few years from now I will retire on Camotes Island. We are working towards building our ocean view retirement home. We had the first floor exterior walls up, but no bond beam or second floor supports. That wall came down in the storm. So did many of the houses in our small village and on the whole island.

The storm was 350 miles wide and affected nearly 1/3 of the 7,200 Philippine islands. Everything changed for the people of the Philippines over night. Gone are the comforts of home, the water and power supplies. It must be difficult to find the gratitude of surviving the storm, when everything you know is gone.

I’d like to ask the people who survived every calamity.  Sandy, Katrina, Andrew,  the many towns across the Midwest devastated by tornado’s and the great fires and floods in the Western states. The wrath of Nature can tear your world apart. The world as you know it!  Life goes on,  doesn’t it?

A Golden Secret?

A world running on fiat (without intrinsic value) currency is a world running on an empty gas tank.  Every fiat currency ever created has collapsed,  every single one! That’s not a very good gamble in anybodies books. Fiat currency is backed by nothing of value, hardly worth the paper it’s written on. But we all know that!

History shows us photos of children making castles out of worthless paper money, workers sweeping it into the gutter for collection. As history tends to repeat itself, (and it surely will) isn’t it worth a few hours of precious time to get some education on the greatest crisis of all? The World Currency Crisis!

After all, does it really matter if we have affordable health insurance, or $3.00 gas? The almighty United States Dollar was chosen as a Global Currency after WWII. It was backed 100% by the U.S. Gold Reserve.

Golden Secret

Things have changed dramatically since those days. Nixon took the Gold Standard off the books and the U.S. dollar became a dollar based on confidence, not value, overnight.

Fast forward to 2013. The U.S. deficit is over 17 Trillion dollars. It’s just a matter of time when the almighty U.S. Dollar loses enough confidence and trust worldwide. We are on a tipping point of collapse, and nothing is being done to avoid this unpleasant situation.

What do you want in your wallet? Paper, plastic or Gold?

Learn more here!


The “Duh” moment

I had the most wonderful experience coming back to the USA from the Philippines. Normally, its difficult to catch the flight out of Manila, being a non revenue employee I always fly stand by. The flight is usually full, and I’ve been left behind more than once. I decided this time that I would be prepared, just in case I couldn’t get on the flight.

I had an “Ah Ha” moment,  and looked into getting into whats known as a Zed fare with a code share airline, this one on Korean Airlines to Seoul, then jump a Delta flight back to Detroit. To my surprise, there were many seats available on that flight, and as a back up plan, would only cost me around $50 US to get on it. That idea saved me the stress and worry of missing my original flight. Funny thing is the option was always there for me from day one! All the previous worrisome moments and delays, the lay overs I experienced were for naught, I only had to open my mind and let the possibilities manifest!

I’m sure there are many options for us just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes the stress of the moment chains our mind and keeps us from utilizing our full potential and creative thought process. We get bound up with the stress and inconveniences that life offers us. Blinded by distractions and narrow thinking, the solutions remain, waiting to be realized. As I get older, I am learning more on how to think, not what to think. Prosperous are those who discover their true potentials and take advantage of imagination and the creative mind!

One Hundred Hell’s in Nagoya and the Hawaiian Red Eye


It’s never been easy to fly home from the Philippines. As an airline employee, I travel on a standby basis, and that particular part of the world is very limited in flight options for a non revenue traveler. A warning to any buddy pass riders out there who have ideas of an easy flight to Asia!

There are only two flights per day leaving Manila for Japan and the U.S. with my airline. One goes through Narita Airport in Tokyo and handles the majority of passengers to the U.S. who split off to there individual cities from Tokyo. So that flight is always packed coming back, it’s like having four flights worth of passengers combined on to one plane.

The other option is Manila to Nagoya, Japan. That flight is an option because it doesn’t splinter off in Nagoya. All the passengers from Manila are either getting off in Japan, or going on through to Detroit. The problem with that flight is that its relatively easy to get to Nagoya, but from there the plane can fill up with travelers boarding to the U.S.  If you happen to be bumped off the plane like I was last week, you are pretty much screwed for the rest of the day, the only other option being the Honolulu flight that leaves later in the evening. That where my story begins.

Sure enough, I was one seat shy of getting on the Nagoya / Detroit connection and my only option was to wait the nine hours and catch the Honolulu flight. Normally, that’s not so bad, as you arrive early enough and leave late enough that you can find some fun things to do on the island. This trip I was hell bent on getting home. I was feeling like a cold or flu was coming on, and the worst torture was the constant playing of the same six Christmas songs over the Nagoya Airport intercom. This loop went on for the nine hour delay I experienced while I waited to board the Honolulu flight.

I don’t want to come across like a Scrooge, but nine hours of the same six Christmas songs is enough to drive a healthy person banana’s, much less a sick airline employee flying standby who missed his flight by one seat and thus added another 20 hours or more to his trip home. Elevator music would have been like a symphony to me, because when you hear a Christmas song, it tends to get stuck in your head!

So I made it through to my flight to Honolulu, and even got a business class seat in the process! Once in Hawaii, I started to feel the effect of a viscous Asian flu or Rhino virus, that felt like being the recipient  of a ground and pound attack by a three hundred pound islander. Suffering in silence, I tried to occupy my time the best I could by sitting in the Japanese Garden or just walking around, while waiting to see if I could get on the next available flight to the mainland.

Luck of lucks, I managed to get the last seat available on the Atlanta “Red Eye!” That’s the flight that leaves at five pm and arrives in Atlanta the morning of the next day. The seat was the coveted middle seat, farthest back row, in front of the biffy. I was trapped between a large sleeping hombre and an irritated women who had a bladder of steel. I had the major nose drainage, coughs and sneezes by then, all I could do was cover my face with the little red blanket the airline provided and try not to drink anything, so I wouldn’t bother my fellow passengers on either side by having to use the rest room.

Needless to say, that took the cake for the most uncomfortable flight ever, trapped and squeezed, sick as a frog, and over fifty hours of travel time from start to finish. The one good thing was that I made it home eventually, and got three sick days off work to recover. The nature of the bug that bit me was such that it took a full month to get over, even with antibiotics, killer cough syrup and nasal spray. I was a hurting puppy for a full month after I returned home and went back to work.

Work was no reprieve, as we had one of the worst holiday storms ever, canceling flights and causing a backlog that took a full two weeks to recover from. The things I go through for love and adventure!

We survived another election!

Happily and God willing, by the time the next presidential election rolls around I’ll be kicking my feet in the sand and sipping on a coconut. I’ll be retired from the rat race and insanity of television, mail and phone calls, and from the political “Pandora’s Box” that we all had to bear witness to the past two years. My days will consist of sunrise and sunset, white beaches, scuba diving and eating fresh fruit, fish, and home grown vegetables and laughing a lot!

I’ll be far removed from the constant blare of technology and the media, content with my afternoon nap in the hammock between my two favorite coconut trees. I’ll make a special effort to avoid the buzz of worldly events and embrace nature and the sound of waves crashing against the rocky cliffs down at the oceans edge!

Why remove myself from the hive of worldly human activity? Why hang up my pistols and pick up a fishing pole? This years elections have broken my faith in government and politics. It will only get worse, with world chaos and calamity to look forward too, not to mention the next great conspiracy. There’s a new one every week!

There were no winners in this years elections, like two crappy football teams playing for a tie, the fans got chumped big time! A big problem is that the fan’s didn’t even know it. If I never see another Fox News report or hear the sickening voice of “Rush to Limbo” on the radio, it will be too soon!

Who can honestly say that we will be better off 4 years from now? Perhaps people will finally tire of the failed two party system and be ready to go another direction. By then we may be mired in such mud pit that it will take a total collapse to shake people out of their hypnosis. At least we’ll have had enough abuse that the radical viewpoints of such visionaries as Dr. Ron Paul will finally begin to make sense to most of us.

Main stream media has done a fine job of creating a tabloid culture who cares more about peoples personal sex lives and religious affiliations than than the destruction of civilization as we know it.  I know I’ve had enough, have you?

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you will wake up in your bed and believe what you want to believe. You take the red pill, you will stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.





Scuba divers hideaway paradise!

Just returned to uncivil-my-nation from paradise island. The political stew is burning on the stove, really stinking up the place. It seems hopeless here, everything is spinning out of whack. You can’t avoid the constant bantering on the news about this candidate or that one.  It’s a no-win shituation regardless who takes the helm, the world is in a world of trouble.

It was only a week ago I was enjoying tropical paradise with family in Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines. Isolated from the news and world events, we relaxed and rested at a little known divers town where the world stands still. The main decisions of the day are fish or chicken and if the water is clear or a bit off from the recent rains, and where are we going to dive today? With dozens of pristine dive locations within minutes of the resort, it can be a difficult decision to make!

Getting there is not so easy, you fly into Manila Madness, take a bus to the port and a hour and a half ferry ride to Sabang. We faced huge waves and sea sickness to get there, but it was worth every bump, crash and roller wave! My wife might tell you different..

Where else can you get a room by the pool for twelve dollars a night? Everything we needed within walking distance, we had all the time for ourselves, no hurry or bother, just chilling on the beach! We stayed at the “Big Apple,” where rooms are nice, service is sweet and they don’t charge rental fees on dive gear.

The town is built into the hillside, like a European Villa, you walk from shop to shop on narrow ally ways, barely wide enough for two people. Restaurants are everywhere and offer everything from pizza to steak to dried fish and rice. You could rent an apartment for a month and cook your own for pesos a day. The party lasts all night long!

A divers mecca, but not as busy as some dive areas. You can dive all day long and not see another fin. There are so many incredible dive sites it keeps everyone spread out.  The variety of reef and marine life is beyond words, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

I could stay there forever, but the world calls me back into the insanity of politics, work, greed and technology. At least for a few more years, when I can let go of the rat race and live with my family for the sunrise and set, fresh fruit and fish, daily dives, the reef and coconut palms. When I transcend this earthly plane please bury me in the deep blue sea!


If I was any better, I’d be YOU!

A good way to break the ice and make people feel great is to throw them a compliment right away.

The standard reply to “How are you today?” is “Doing fine!” I’ve found that a sincere authentic reply while looking straight into the eyes of your new friend and smiling works much better.

I’ve noticed most people are afraid to make eye contact, or even say hello, unless you initiate the conversation first. Warm them up with a smile and a welcome, when they ask how you’re doing, reply “I’m doing fantastic! But I’ll get better!” or, “If I was any better, I’d be you!” I also add a little humor by saying “You know, I’m doing incredible, but don’t tell anyone!”

I like to invent new icebreakers and test them on people. I’ve found that being in an awesome mood myself makes all the difference!

Now get on out there and help someone feel great inside, it only takes a couple seconds and it’s catchy!

Heavy Baggage

Being an avid traveler, I pride myself in being able to pack everything I need for a 2 week vacation on the other side of the planet in one small carry-on duffel bag and day pack. I can pack these as heavy as possible, because they don’t weigh or charge for carry on bags, as long as they fit in the overhead bins or under the seat. I sometimes have to gate check a bag, which is basically a free bag that is taken at the jet bridge and is returned as I leave the plane. I don’t pay extra for baggage, because I learned how to travel light!

When everyone else is waiting for their huge roller bags to come down the carousel, I go straight to the customs line and through security in a few minutes, while others are waiting for 30 minutes or more to clear, because they have all the heavy baggage to deal with. People actually pay dearly to have the privilege of toting 50 to 100 pounds of stuff with them everywhere they go. Amazing!

I wonder if people really use all that stuff they are packing around, or if it gives them a sense of safety or comfort?

Perhaps its a metaphor for life in general. “The more crap you carry with you in life, the further behind you will be in getting to your destination.”

Something to ponder…

About Truth

Who decides what is true? We do!

A not so funny thing happened to me the other day. I had misplaced my day planner and my truth at the time was that someone must have walked off with it from the restaurant we had dined at after church. I’d searched high and low before giving in to my inner voice that told me my planner was a goner and I’d better replace my banking, drivers license and other important documents that I had been carrying around at the time.

It was stressful, but I reasoned there was nothing that couldn’t be replaced, just get it done and move forward. So that was my day yesterday!

This morning I woke up early and decided to get the dirty laundry together and wash it, dumping a pile of clean folded clothes from the basket onto the bed yielded a huge surprise, my planner tumbled out from under the pile. It was like it looked back at me and said “You idiot, I was laying here waiting the whole time!”

My truth had blinded me to the possibilities and had I been more thorough, I would have located my lost planner before going through all the trouble of replacing it. I shook my head,  relieved on one hand that I got my stuff back, embarrassed on the other hand that my truth had led me astray.

My truth was really just a fear:





I’ll keep this lesson in mind next time that inner voice tells me the truth, damn it!