The Great Gold Rush of 1987

There’s a hard way to accumulate golden riches, and there’s an easy way.  Here’s an example of the hard way.  The easy way will be revealed, just read on!

I had the extreme pleasure to work in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea in 1987.  Working for a global survey company was both adventurous and exciting. I got the call to action when a helicopter crash took out half the crew and they needed fresh warm bodies to fill the void, and fast!

I raised my hand and was sent to get a dozen vaccinations, then caught a flight to the capital city of Port Moresby PNG, via Auckland New Zealand and Sydney Australia.  I didn’t have much time to relax and before I could register where I was going,  ”Where the Hell on Earth am I?”

Port Moresby, the capital city of PNG is incredibly different than any place I’d ever been before. It had a pungent flavor all its own. The sights,  sounds, and dangers were nothing compared to what I was about to experience as I boarded the flight to Tari.  Located in the Southern Highlands Region of PNG, Tari was like stepping into a whole new “Old World.”

The “Huli Clan” locals were there to greet us when we landed.  I guessed the daily high there is watching the planes land and seeing the white strangers come and go.

Seems there is a different sub clan  in every valley here. The men dress up in there finest clay paint and jewelry, most wearing living wigs, woven from their own hair and adorned with feathers and beautiful flower blossoms. Like the many birds of paradise that live in the wilds, the men wear the most vibrant costumes and the women are  more plain in their cosmetics and self decoration.

The Huli males main duty is to hunt and the women do the farming and raise the children and pigs. Pigs are used as a sign of wealth and come in handy for paying a hefty dowry to the father of the bride. Before currency was created in PNG,  money was in the form of pigs and the beautiful shell money the clans used to make their necklaces. It’s a fact that the Southern Highlands were discovered by Australian European gold seekers in the early 20th century, the clans first glimpse of the strange looking white fellows.

Working in the Southern Highlands was like stepping back in time a few hundred years, in fact the people there were first discovered in the 1935 by gold prospectors. They used tools made of a hard green stone. The art of metallurgy hadn’t been invented yet and tribesmen lived by hunting and agriculture and some died in warfare and skirmishes with their neighboring clans. Cannibalism  was a common event back in the day. I hear it still goes on in the remote areas, for special occasions!

These days most every man carries a weapon or three, whether it be bow and arrows, razor sharp machetes and knives.  I really didn’t want to do anything to anger these modern day warriors.  Deep down, beyond the ferociousness,  they were good people.   I was invited often to sit with them and eat sweet potato, tin fish and rice around the fire, sharing stories, singing and laughing!

As for my story, I was dropped right into the middle of this twilight zone and was hungry for an adventure most can’t imagine, or even dream about. I got all I could handle in five months there and enough stories to last a lifetime!

There was a recent mudslide on Mount Kari that uncovered a treasure trove of pure gold nuggets. The men of the  clans took over the mountain and harvested all the gold they could, even using rented helicopter shuttle services to go back and forth to the site at a hundred dollars a pop. I saw young men come to town with jars filled with gold, some nuggets were as big as my hand! It was amusing to see some of these kids try to drive brand new trucks they had purchased with their precious gold. Driving wasn’t a common skill in Mt. Tari as there were very few roads. Our crew got around by helicopter and lived in a bush camp cut out of the tropical rain forest.

The mining company that owned the mineral rights to the mountain and gold were wise in that they didn’t want to go in and start a major conflict with the locals. They figured they would let them skim the surface gold and go in with the heavy equipment later on. What they didn’t anticipate was the clever tribesmen also discovered they could rent heavy equipment and keep right on mining! It was better drama than the great California Gold Rush and I got to play a part in that living movie! It wasn’t always fun and games.

Working and flying in helicopters in the Southern Highlands is risky business.  After having lost four crew members to broken backs that occurred when their chopper went down on an isolated hill top, it was always on our minds as we flew to and from the job site from our “Little Camp in the Jungle.”

Our base camp consisted of basic pole structures covered in bright yellow poly plastic and split bamboo floors. We each had our own small cabin house and the large kitchen and mess hall was where we spent most of our free time. There was a solar heated shower and an ultra violet water purification system that was replenished by the daily downpours that came right around 2 PM and lasted most of the night. We had a chef and camp workers and administrators that took care of our laundry and needs, who spent many hours trying to dry our clothes in the damp cool high altitude jungle environment. They found the only way to do it was to hand dry the clothing by using a electric iron powered by a large diesel generator system. I realized this when I got a shirt back with a nice iron shaped burn hole in it.

The scene reminded me of the old black and white “Tarzan” series I loved to watch as a child. It was quite comfortable living there at the camp in the middle of a limitless tropical rain forest. The variety of butterflies and moths were beyond description. Birds of Paradise flitting from tree to tree in the immense hardwood forest. Then there was the colorful local hunter warriors who put on displays of marksmanship with their bows and arrows. The have an arrow for every purpose,  arrows for small and large animals, arrows for birds, even special poison tipped arrows for “shooting man.”

Working there was anything but comfortable, the Yin and Yang of every life experience. There should be a balance of good and negative, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  For every amazingly beautiful butterfly, there was also a hundred evil mosquitoes that would love to infect you with malaria. Three out of six of the crew members contracted malaria the five months we were there, not the best odds.

There are snakes that will kill you in a matter of minutes, if you happen to be the unfortunate one who got bit.  I recall a local native running up to us one afternoon as we sat in a running helicopter.  He pulled open the door and thrust a Taipan,  into our faces.  He laughed as he told us no worries, as he had already killed his lethal buddy. LOL

As for our  flying around with helicopters in high risk situations, I remember well the time we were trying to beat the daily afternoon fog that threatened to ground us in untamed jungle, overnight, with no shelter or food, in the constant pouring rain.

The pilot had just returned to work after a nasty bout of jungle fever that helped him lose eighty pounds in a matter of weeks, and he was still weak from the illness.  As we circled and gained altitude, the fog rolled in over the mountain tops.  We neared the ridge and it was obvious that the pilot wasn’t absolutely sure we were going to make it.  We closed in on the ridge line and his hand began to frantically work the collective, trying to gain altitude and clear the ridge top while fighting winds and fog. We just barely avoided a collision with the mountain slope and he managed to jerk the ship around 180 degrees and head the opposite way.  A shower and change of underwear was in order as soon as we landed safely in camp, along with sincere prayers of gratitude for our safe return.

Walking a line cut through thick rain forest was a daily hazard. Since it rained virtually 12 hours most every day, the survey line was a slippery slope of up and down radical hill sides, littered with downed trees and vegetation and mud. Equipment had to be packed by our local labor help. They were used to hiking the mountains,  lean and strong like body builders and happy to have a job. They would sing as they worked, eerie echoes in the forest when heard from a distance. They lived and worked with the ghosts of their ancestors, spoke with them, honored them and also feared them.

Our boots and clothing were constantly wet and covered in mud.  One of our core crew had to camp in a tent every night to take data and operate the systems. There’s nothing like having to crawl out of a  small tent at 2 am in a deluge and fuel the generator before it died and the computers shut down. Listening to the most incredible noises imaginable from all the night critters, bugs, beetles, moths bigger than my hand and who knows what else. It was magic and nightmare, fearful and spectacular at the same time! It was the job I loved and hated.

As we worked day after day for five months straight, we were able to amass a sizable amount of money. There was no place to spend money there and everything was taken care of, food, shelter, and alcohol. We were too tired to do much after work but shower, eat and try to dry off, warm up and sleep. It was bone chilling at night when the rains came hard and heavy. Get up the next day and do it all over again.

I had a great desire to buy some of that gold I had held in my hand at the assayers office in Tari. Near the end of our contract I went to town and traded some hard earned greenbacks for a few ounces of native gold nuggets, about 20 karat in purity. Just having a hand full of solid gold felt so good, it has such substance and weight to it.

The color of gold makes a heart flutter. Gold is truly Gods money, a natural creation, untouched or altered.  The final challenge was smuggling it out of the country through customs.  I succeeded at that, didn’t go to jail and kept that gold safe for many years.     I even had my wedding rings crafted from it. That’s a different story!

These days its much easier to get your hands on currency grade gold. I buy it a gram at a time and it only takes me a couple minutes from start to finish! I don’t have to battle snakes or fight the elements. Like King Midas, I turn flimsy green and purple paper into precious yellow gold. I watch the value grow as the dollar dwindles more and more every day. Better yet, I get my gold for free by referring others to start their own free gold savings plan.

No more pigs, shells, paper, plastic or promises. I’m saving my future, one gram at a time!











Midas Gold and the Cabbage Patch Kids



Unemployment numbers don’t look so good, in fact they look downright awful.  The Cabbage Patch Kids may have to reconsider their time out on QE and fire up the presses.  More “Folks” are dropping out of the labor force and the New Year is starting out with a fizzle!  A hundred dollar bill just doesn’t have the magic it used to, even with all the special effects.

Good News!

There’s gold in the air and you can turn your cabbage to Gods money with the touch of your Midas finger! In fact, you can start a Free Gold Savings Account by helping two wise leaders who are looking to protect and grow their assets during tough economic times by trading worthless cabbage into solid gold!

The World is watching and tires of the glut of worthless cabbage,  seeing the true value of the Midas touch!

Are You Hungry Enough to Learn the Game?

I am continually amazed and baffled at the number of well meaning people who are willing to check the box, pay the money, and work their tails off in substandard opportunities and illegal pyramid schemes. Look at it in a business sense… Would you start a franchise and invest a quarter million dollars without doing thorough research on what it is your getting yourself into? Wouldn’t you spend weeks doing research, create a solid business plan, talk to professionals who are skilled in the areas you’re weak in, and give your new franchise all your focus and attention?

The beauty and the beast of Network Marketing is the standard low cost to get involved, and general ease of getting your business up and running in short order. Most people tend to blow right by the importance of doing a thorough evaluation on the business they are joining, and many act from an emotional level. For example, it may be that you have found an exceptional product line that cured your dog of chronic barking. You find that this is the only product that’s ever worked, therefore you figure it will work as well on all the barking dogs in the neighborhood. How exciting for everyone in the neighborhood to get a peaceful nights sleep! Business is booming…

The truth is without a solid contract that protects you from being robbed by the company when you are earning a six figure monthly income, you stand a good chance of one day getting an email from the company saying, “Sorry, but due to the great efforts of the associates in the field, this company has decided to go direct sales, and thank you for your hard work and efficiency!” You have just lost your income!

Another great example I see every day is when well intention-ed Net workers get started in a new opportunity and don’t have a clue about how to read the compensation plan. They have no idea how much they are going to get paid. Much to their surprise, when I sit down with them and walk them through the process of understanding their compensation plan, they soon discover it will take anywhere from 1,000 to 25,000 active members in their group to achieve that elusive six figure income they’ve been dreaming about all these years. It’s hard to laugh when you find out you’re in the “Dollar a Month Club!”

The beauty of Network Marketing is the education you need to evaluate what you are doing, or what you want to do. The cost for this knowledge is the time it takes you to learn it. Now who in their right mind is not willing to invest 80 to 100 hours of their time to learn the In’s and outs of the profession they are actively participating in?

If you want the actual statistics on that, I’d say it will prove to be somewhere around 98%. That’s the failure rate in Network Marketing folks, are you willing to settle in and just be part of the herd?

Get yourselves Educated and do it right the first time!  Don’t put it off another day, or the 20 years it took me to figure it out!

Using Facebook to Attract Your Targeted, Qualified, Leads Easily in Just Minutes Per Day


With over 1.1 billion users, Facebook it a wonderful tool that will allow you to build a dynamite list of prospects and only take a few minutes of your time each day. There are so many active users in fact, that the competition factor isn’t an issue anymore.

You simply join a few groups in your targeted niche, and when inviting new members to your Facebook family, use the Mutual Friends option to help you avoid adding those who are already listed in your competitors member or group boards.

The key to successful relationship building and marketing on Facebook is to be different then the 95% who spam their links, companies, and opportunities all over the place. Similar to graffiti artists or a neighborhood puppy, it seems like a fixation or fetish for them to leave their mark everywhere they visit, resulting in annoying more people, more complaints, and Facebook making more rules and stricter guidelines.

There are better ways to get people to know, like and trust you, rather then scare them off, or having your Facebook account deleted. An awesome way to meet like minded people is to visit some of the niche groups for people in your specific market, or who live in an area you’d like to do business in. People who are involved in activities you can both relate to, like sports, recreation, travel.

Inviting a few new friends on a daily basis adds up to a lot of people over a relatively short period of time. Once they accept you as a friend, you can spend a few minutes with each, thank them and welcome them in.

You can private message, or post on their wall, up to 15 people a day. Make sure to use different messages each time to not appear to Facebook that you’re a copy and paste impostor.

Eventually, you will have a steadily increasing group of like minded people who you will get around to sharing what your doing in the industry. If they are looking, or you have a better opportunity then they do, you stand a chance to help them with whatever business you’re working with. I’ve built many life long friends, business partners, and relationships this way!

Trading Time for Money


Traditional business does not allow us to create whats known as Royalty Income. Royalty Income does not depend on you trading time for money. It is created by the synergistic effort of many people working for a common cause. When the time runs out in the corporate structure, so does the money.

To build a team that flows down the river to Royalty Income, you want to find a few people of character to work with, and duplicate the process. People who have hunger, and who are moving in the directions of their dreams. You need to find out what their hunger level is, the distance between where they are now, and where they are going to achieve their dreams.

Look at your your prospects dream list together. Get the imagination flowing. What they would do if they won the the Lotto Jackpot. You need a list of everything they feel important about to be prosperous and successful. If being debt free isn’t high on the list for them, you may want to re examine that.

You may talk about cars, toys, travel and trips, but spend some real time on the importance of compounding their assets verses compounding debt through interest paid to credit card companies and the banks. You want income building while you sleep, not ever increasing debt. To be sure, you want to go over the idea of having a five thousand dollar monthly residual income is like having a million dollars earning interest in the bank!

You can gauge the desire and hunger in a person by listening to them intently. If their dreams are focused on things that may not support true prosperity, you may want to recommend they study personal growth strategies awhile, so they can grow into someone who is capable to attract the best life has to offer, to Own their Life!

Paul W. Murphy

Coach and Mentor,  Online Marketer

Aesop – The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper

In a field one summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

     “Why not come and chat with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of toiling and moiling in that way?”

     “I am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same.”

     “Why bother about winter?” said the Grasshopper; “We have got plenty of food at present.” But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil.

     When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger – while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew: It is best to prepare for days of need.

This timeless fable says so much with so few words.  As it applies to today’s world and economy,  I see the wisdom of planning ahead for hard times to come. One way I can protect my families financial future is to buy currency grade gold. It’s affordable and offers a way to build a gold currency savings account, trading paper currency for gold currency.

Watch this Youtube video by bestselling author and financial planner Mike Maloney:

I finally found a way to afford to buy the purest gold, 999.9% certified and assayed by the LBMA.  Karatbars International gives the working man and woman a way to buy and save gold, a little at a time!

As an affiliate, by sharing this plan with just 2 others and duplicating the same, you will be earning your weekly gold in commissions in a matter of weeks. By this time your gold savings account will build rapidly, by week 12 you could be earning 4-5 K in free gold, many have done it in less than 12 weeks.

Once you’ve read from Aesop and shared the wisdom of saving now for the future and the future of your family, you’ve watched the Maloney video,  sign up for further information here:

You will be fast on your way to financial common sense and security! Thanks to Aesop and his words of wisdom, I’m well on my way!


Welcome 2014!

Summer 2011 123Summer 2011 123JanuarySummer 2011 123 is almost upon us and one less day of winter. Busy planning the next trip to paradise, I yearn for white sand this winter and a hut on the hill, an ocean view, fresh coconut juice and papaya, fish and rice, how nice!

We’re building a typhoon resistant pentagon shaped home this time out of concrete and steel, one that is hard to knock down and will stand for a century, or more… I expect my children’s children will be born in that house and we will build it to last!

I’ll hang my hammock and plant my garden, grow my roots and plan my day around the rising sun and tides, the fishing boats and afternoon showers. It will allow me to tune into my inner voice, my creative flow will manifest unfettered by the noise and jabber of so called civilization.


-5 Below and Nowhere to Go!

My daughter “Savannah” and I had the pleasure of trying the Minneapolis Light Rail yesterday as we traveled from the  Minneapolis International Airport to Big Lake Rail Station. The price to do so is sweet, only costing $3.00 total for both of us to ride to downtown Minneapolis and beyond, good for 2 1/2 hours!

We traveled to the end of the  ”Blue Line” to transfer at Target Station on another Westbound train. As we walked off the train I accidentally brushed against a young man who was peeking out of a small slit between his hat and scarf. He gave me a shove and  cursed me for touching him, I just said “Excuse me brother, but I have to get off here!” People get grumpy when it’s cold out.

The bitter cold hit us immediately in the shadows between sky scrapers as the wind howled through. Reality check.. I ask myself “Why am I sending 3 days in Minnesota during the coldest time of the year?” And “Now I remember why I moved away from here!”

We went to the transfer station and behold, the doors were all locked!  I had to use the restroom and there were none to be found, upon further inquiry was told the terminal opens at 2:30 pm and the closest restroom was back two stops from whence we came.

Back on the train, we wandered around downtown looking for a lunch spot and bathroom, finally finding a deli that was just about to close their doors. We got in just in time, ordered a couple Ruben’s and looked for a restroom. Found a women’s open on the 4th floor and the men’s was out of service. Had to just hold it and pray awhile…

We got back on the train to Target Terminal to catch our transfer, the door was open and felt so good to get out of the cold. We still had an hour to wait so I left Savannah to  watch our gear and jumped on the train back into town to find the elusive restroom.

I found a bar and felt like I was obligated to have a beer so I wouldn’t feel like a heel going in just to use the restroom.  The bartender said “Good timing, you get our 2 for one Happy Hour Special!” I thought to myself, “Great! Now I’ll just have to pee again in another half hour!” Had my two ice cold beers and back to the terminal to catch our train.

Finally,  we were able to board the train and wait a half hour before departure, thankfully in the toasty warmness of the purring train. They had a great set up, with tables in between the seats and free WiFi! I kicked back and dozed in the warm comfort.

It took another hour by train and they dropped us off at the end of the line Big Lake Station. The wind was noticeable, being around -5 degrees below at the time and probably -20 with the wind chill. I was raised in this kind of weather, but Savannah wasn’t prepared, having flown in to meet me from the warmth of San Diego. We stood out by the ticketing kiosk and called my oldest daughter “Jenny”  just to see if she was almost there…

She was a good hour away fighting traffic, much to our dismay as the 2 minutes we stood outside were scary enough to consider the fact we could be in stage 2 hypothermia soon.    I noticed a glass box down the way and it looked like some sort of warming house.

After going inside we noticed a small heat lamp about 8 feet up hanging from the ceiling and if you stretched your hand up high as it would go, you could feel a little heat.  At least we were out of the wind and still no restrooms to be found anywhere. I chose to use the parking lot.

We stood there and shivered and prayed and cursed, by and by Jenny showed up and we climbed into her warm pickup, safe at last! I would be very careful in weather like this, to have a safety kit in the trunk or vehicle. If you went off the road and nobody sees you, you are in deep freeze doo doo, because your keister will be an icicle within 40 minutes.

Such is the life and common day experiences of the hardy folk born and raised in Minnesnowta.  I saw many of them walking around in shorts at the airport. God only knows how we survived our youth and the many parties we had in conditions such as this, not to mention the driving home on ice part. Counting the days to retirement in the tropics!

Good times and Happy Holy Days to all!



Okay, Winter’s here already!


It’s about time to drag out the long johns and boots again, warm stocking cap and gloves.  After three beautiful sunny days in the 50′s and 60′s, it has turned to winter, literally overnight!

I didn’t quite get all my fall chores done, old man Winter caught me with my sandals on.  Anyway, it is what it is and I’ll just take it in stride this year and not complain about the cold too much.  With all the disasters, Typhoons and Tornadoes, do I really have any right to complain?

You are having 10 inches of snow in the West and North, and 1/2 inch of ice down south.  Here in Kansas City we’re getting a little rain and tomorrow down to 10 degrees, quite balmy really.

I’m gearing up for the season, new tires on the Blazer and organize my office for some serious online marketing time spent in the comfort of my cozy man loft!

Ti’s the Season to grow your business!

Winter’s here already!



Thanksgiving, the great American holiday that allows us a day to be thankful for our many  blessings.  A day to get together with family and eat to our hearts content! Forget about our digestive system for a couple of days as we work through all the leftovers.

Thanksgiving means something more to me this year.  Sure, I’m thankful most every day.  I still have a job, and a roof over my head. I have food to eat and water to drink.  There’s a lot of things to be thankful for, especially my family.

I am blessed with my kids here in the states, and my grand kids. I am double blessed with my wife “Mercy” and our 2 kids on Camotes Island, Philippines, and my extended family there. Not to forget my siblings and their families. I’m thankful I have one huge wonderful family!

So, I’m extremely grateful every day, that my family is healthy and happy! I thank God for that!

A few weeks ago I was worried and frightened that I might lose my family in the Philippines, my wife and children, my extended family there,  as Typhoon Yolanda        (Haiyan) bore down on their country and tiny island. Fortunate for them the eye of the storm missed Camotes Island,  but not by much.

They suffered through a terrifying storm, one that tore most all of the trees down and ripped through houses, towns, and everything in its path. They tied down the roofs and huddled in what was determined to be the safest building.  The evacuation centers were not necessarily the best place to go and some of them were destroyed in the storm. Many people died in those shelters.

For me, the hardest thing was not having communication with my family during the storm.  I did get a call in just before the worst of it hit, and was relieved to hear all were okay there so far, and that trees were falling all around. It must have been terrifying for them, it was for me too in my worst case scenario imagination.

Communications went dark for a few days and all I knew was the unfolding tragedy I saw on the news.   I tried for days to get word, and finally did. My family survived the storm, unlike the thousands who didn’t.

A few years from now I will retire on Camotes Island. We are working towards building our ocean view retirement home. We had the first floor exterior walls up, but no bond beam or second floor supports. That wall came down in the storm. So did many of the houses in our small village and on the whole island.

The storm was 350 miles wide and affected nearly 1/3 of the 7,200 Philippine islands. Everything changed for the people of the Philippines over night. Gone are the comforts of home, the water and power supplies. It must be difficult to find the gratitude of surviving the storm, when everything you know is gone.

I’d like to ask the people who survived every calamity.  Sandy, Katrina, Andrew,  the many towns across the Midwest devastated by tornado’s and the great fires and floods in the Western states. The wrath of Nature can tear your world apart. The world as you know it!  Life goes on,  doesn’t it?

A Golden Secret?

A world running on fiat (without intrinsic value) currency is a world running on an empty gas tank.  Every fiat currency ever created has collapsed,  every single one! That’s not a very good gamble in anybodies books. Fiat currency is backed by nothing of value, hardly worth the paper it’s written on. But we all know that!

History shows us photos of children making castles out of worthless paper money, workers sweeping it into the gutter for collection. As history tends to repeat itself, (and it surely will) isn’t it worth a few hours of precious time to get some education on the greatest crisis of all? The World Currency Crisis!

After all, does it really matter if we have affordable health insurance, or $3.00 gas? The almighty United States Dollar was chosen as a Global Currency after WWII. It was backed 100% by the U.S. Gold Reserve.

Golden Secret

Things have changed dramatically since those days. Nixon took the Gold Standard off the books and the U.S. dollar became a dollar based on confidence, not value, overnight.

Fast forward to 2013. The U.S. deficit is over 17 Trillion dollars. It’s just a matter of time when the almighty U.S. Dollar loses enough confidence and trust worldwide. We are on a tipping point of collapse, and nothing is being done to avoid this unpleasant situation.

What do you want in your wallet? Paper, plastic or Gold?

Learn more here!


One Hundred Hell’s in Nagoya and the Hawaiian Red Eye


It’s never been easy to fly home from the Philippines. As an airline employee, I travel on a standby basis, and that particular part of the world is very limited in flight options for a non revenue traveler. A warning to any buddy pass riders out there who have ideas of an easy flight to Asia!

There are only two flights per day leaving Manila for Japan and the U.S. with my airline. One goes through Narita Airport in Tokyo and handles the majority of passengers to the U.S. who split off to there individual cities from Tokyo. So that flight is always packed coming back, it’s like having four flights worth of passengers combined on to one plane.

The other option is Manila to Nagoya, Japan. That flight is an option because it doesn’t splinter off in Nagoya. All the passengers from Manila are either getting off in Japan, or going on through to Detroit. The problem with that flight is that its relatively easy to get to Nagoya, but from there the plane can fill up with travelers boarding to the U.S.  If you happen to be bumped off the plane like I was last week, you are pretty much screwed for the rest of the day, the only other option being the Honolulu flight that leaves later in the evening. That where my story begins.

Sure enough, I was one seat shy of getting on the Nagoya / Detroit connection and my only option was to wait the nine hours and catch the Honolulu flight. Normally, that’s not so bad, as you arrive early enough and leave late enough that you can find some fun things to do on the island. This trip I was hell bent on getting home. I was feeling like a cold or flu was coming on, and the worst torture was the constant playing of the same six Christmas songs over the Nagoya Airport intercom. This loop went on for the nine hour delay I experienced while I waited to board the Honolulu flight.

I don’t want to come across like a Scrooge, but nine hours of the same six Christmas songs is enough to drive a healthy person banana’s, much less a sick airline employee flying standby who missed his flight by one seat and thus added another 20 hours or more to his trip home. Elevator music would have been like a symphony to me, because when you hear a Christmas song, it tends to get stuck in your head!

So I made it through to my flight to Honolulu, and even got a business class seat in the process! Once in Hawaii, I started to feel the effect of a viscous Asian flu or Rhino virus, that felt like being the recipient  of a ground and pound attack by a three hundred pound islander. Suffering in silence, I tried to occupy my time the best I could by sitting in the Japanese Garden or just walking around, while waiting to see if I could get on the next available flight to the mainland.

Luck of lucks, I managed to get the last seat available on the Atlanta “Red Eye!” That’s the flight that leaves at five pm and arrives in Atlanta the morning of the next day. The seat was the coveted middle seat, farthest back row, in front of the biffy. I was trapped between a large sleeping hombre and an irritated women who had a bladder of steel. I had the major nose drainage, coughs and sneezes by then, all I could do was cover my face with the little red blanket the airline provided and try not to drink anything, so I wouldn’t bother my fellow passengers on either side by having to use the rest room.

Needless to say, that took the cake for the most uncomfortable flight ever, trapped and squeezed, sick as a frog, and over fifty hours of travel time from start to finish. The one good thing was that I made it home eventually, and got three sick days off work to recover. The nature of the bug that bit me was such that it took a full month to get over, even with antibiotics, killer cough syrup and nasal spray. I was a hurting puppy for a full month after I returned home and went back to work.

Work was no reprieve, as we had one of the worst holiday storms ever, canceling flights and causing a backlog that took a full two weeks to recover from. The things I go through for love and adventure!

We survived another election!

Happily and God willing, by the time the next presidential election rolls around I’ll be kicking my feet in the sand and sipping on a coconut. I’ll be retired from the rat race and insanity of television, mail and phone calls, and from the political “Pandora’s Box” that we all had to bear witness to the past two years. My days will consist of sunrise and sunset, white beaches, scuba diving and eating fresh fruit, fish, and home grown vegetables and laughing a lot!

I’ll be far removed from the constant blare of technology and the media, content with my afternoon nap in the hammock between my two favorite coconut trees. I’ll make a special effort to avoid the buzz of worldly events and embrace nature and the sound of waves crashing against the rocky cliffs down at the oceans edge!

Why remove myself from the hive of worldly human activity? Why hang up my pistols and pick up a fishing pole? This years elections have broken my faith in government and politics. It will only get worse, with world chaos and calamity to look forward too, not to mention the next great conspiracy. There’s a new one every week!

There were no winners in this years elections, like two crappy football teams playing for a tie, the fans got chumped big time! A big problem is that the fan’s didn’t even know it. If I never see another Fox News report or hear the sickening voice of “Rush to Limbo” on the radio, it will be too soon!

Who can honestly say that we will be better off 4 years from now? Perhaps people will finally tire of the failed two party system and be ready to go another direction. By then we may be mired in such mud pit that it will take a total collapse to shake people out of their hypnosis. At least we’ll have had enough abuse that the radical viewpoints of such visionaries as Dr. Ron Paul will finally begin to make sense to most of us.

Main stream media has done a fine job of creating a tabloid culture who cares more about peoples personal sex lives and religious affiliations than than the destruction of civilization as we know it.  I know I’ve had enough, have you?

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you will wake up in your bed and believe what you want to believe. You take the red pill, you will stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.





Scuba divers hideaway paradise!

Just returned to uncivil-my-nation from paradise island. The political stew is burning on the stove, really stinking up the place. It seems hopeless here, everything is spinning out of whack. You can’t avoid the constant bantering on the news about this candidate or that one.  It’s a no-win shituation regardless who takes the helm, the world is in a world of trouble.

It was only a week ago I was enjoying tropical paradise with family in Sabang, Puerto Galera, Philippines. Isolated from the news and world events, we relaxed and rested at a little known divers town where the world stands still. The main decisions of the day are fish or chicken and if the water is clear or a bit off from the recent rains, and where are we going to dive today? With dozens of pristine dive locations within minutes of the resort, it can be a difficult decision to make!

Getting there is not so easy, you fly into Manila Madness, take a bus to the port and a hour and a half ferry ride to Sabang. We faced huge waves and sea sickness to get there, but it was worth every bump, crash and roller wave! My wife might tell you different..

Where else can you get a room by the pool for twelve dollars a night? Everything we needed within walking distance, we had all the time for ourselves, no hurry or bother, just chilling on the beach! We stayed at the “Big Apple,” where rooms are nice, service is sweet and they don’t charge rental fees on dive gear.

The town is built into the hillside, like a European Villa, you walk from shop to shop on narrow ally ways, barely wide enough for two people. Restaurants are everywhere and offer everything from pizza to steak to dried fish and rice. You could rent an apartment for a month and cook your own for pesos a day. The party lasts all night long!

A divers mecca, but not as busy as some dive areas. You can dive all day long and not see another fin. There are so many incredible dive sites it keeps everyone spread out.  The variety of reef and marine life is beyond words, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

I could stay there forever, but the world calls me back into the insanity of politics, work, greed and technology. At least for a few more years, when I can let go of the rat race and live with my family for the sunrise and set, fresh fruit and fish, daily dives, the reef and coconut palms. When I transcend this earthly plane please bury me in the deep blue sea!


If I was any better, I’d be YOU!

A good way to break the ice and make people feel great is to throw them a compliment right away.

The standard reply to “How are you today?” is “Doing fine!” I’ve found that a sincere authentic reply while looking straight into the eyes of your new friend and smiling works much better.

I’ve noticed most people are afraid to make eye contact, or even say hello, unless you initiate the conversation first. Warm them up with a smile and a welcome, when they ask how you’re doing, reply “I’m doing fantastic! But I’ll get better!” or, “If I was any better, I’d be you!” I also add a little humor by saying “You know, I’m doing incredible, but don’t tell anyone!”

I like to invent new icebreakers and test them on people. I’ve found that being in an awesome mood myself makes all the difference!

Now get on out there and help someone feel great inside, it only takes a couple seconds and it’s catchy!

Heavy Baggage

Being an avid traveler, I pride myself in being able to pack everything I need for a 2 week vacation on the other side of the planet in one small carry-on duffel bag and day pack. I can pack these as heavy as possible, because they don’t weigh or charge for carry on bags, as long as they fit in the overhead bins or under the seat. I sometimes have to gate check a bag, which is basically a free bag that is taken at the jet bridge and is returned as I leave the plane. I don’t pay extra for baggage, because I learned how to travel light!

When everyone else is waiting for their huge roller bags to come down the carousel, I go straight to the customs line and through security in a few minutes, while others are waiting for 30 minutes or more to clear, because they have all the heavy baggage to deal with. People actually pay dearly to have the privilege of toting 50 to 100 pounds of stuff with them everywhere they go. Amazing!

I wonder if people really use all that stuff they are packing around, or if it gives them a sense of safety or comfort?

Perhaps its a metaphor for life in general. “The more crap you carry with you in life, the further behind you will be in getting to your destination.”

Something to ponder…

About Truth

Who decides what is true? We do!

A not so funny thing happened to me the other day. I had misplaced my day planner and my truth at the time was that someone must have walked off with it from the restaurant we had dined at after church. I’d searched high and low before giving in to my inner voice that told me my planner was a goner and I’d better replace my banking, drivers license and other important documents that I had been carrying around at the time.

It was stressful, but I reasoned there was nothing that couldn’t be replaced, just get it done and move forward. So that was my day yesterday!

This morning I woke up early and decided to get the dirty laundry together and wash it, dumping a pile of clean folded clothes from the basket onto the bed yielded a huge surprise, my planner tumbled out from under the pile. It was like it looked back at me and said “You idiot, I was laying here waiting the whole time!”

My truth had blinded me to the possibilities and had I been more thorough, I would have located my lost planner before going through all the trouble of replacing it. I shook my head,  relieved on one hand that I got my stuff back, embarrassed on the other hand that my truth had led me astray.

My truth was really just a fear:





I’ll keep this lesson in mind next time that inner voice tells me the truth, damn it!

I Wish I could do that…

Heard those famous words at church today. Prosperity is a tough nail to hammer, if you are off course it won’t go. In fact you will attract that what you are focused on, and more of it! May be you’re hitting your thumb a lot.

So keep a close watch on what you think about and what you speak. Thoughts and words have power in them and it’s a constant effort to live in truth.  Truth is you can do that, that and much, much, more!

Time waits for NO ONE!

Another summer has come and gone and the beautiful Fall season is upon us! It was hot and dry this year, 70 plus days of triple digit temperatures here in the Midwest, and little rain to cool things off. I welcome Fall with open arms! Winter? Now that’s another story…

It was busy too, too busy to do much other then work towards my goal of early retirement on some tropical paradise island. To that end we made real progress, having purchased an ocean view property, (paid for) and built a home that will serve us until our dream house is finished!

Between working extra hours and traveling to and from, I put aside the blogging and internet activities. Now that things are slowing down a bit, I’ll take up my keyboard and contribute my thoughts on life, love, prosperity and abundance. I do it more for a record of my life to leave for my children and family. Anyone else who happens across it and wants to add to, comment, approve, share or bash is welcome! It was nice to get off my chair and just work and talk to real people, belly to belly as they say!

Now that I’m back in business, I’m tuning into what I feel is the most prevalent issue  in living Freedom. Sure, most people want to be free, but when the time comes to decide and take action, the comfort and certainty of not doing so stops them before they ever get started. I’m convinced, there are very few people in the world who have what it takes to be Free. It’s sad but true.

They let hours, days, months and years pass by, only to look back later in life, professional wishers. They never had the courage to move forward or they got a start, had a hope, but quit before finding their acres of diamonds! What took me years to realize, and believe me, I have almost quit, more than once, is the secret to success and prosperity, living the dream, is to sort through the 9 out of 10 people quickly. Put precious time and effort into those who move quickly, those who have a powerful dream and aren’t ashamed to tell you what it is!

The others are just spinning their wheels in the mud, and you will get splattered and dirty if you don’t step aside. They will have to come to terms or not, and there’s nothing you can do or say to them that will make a bit of difference. The magic is inside of them, if and when they decide to believe they too can be Free to live their Dreams! No-thing is impossible in that place…

One less day

February is almost upon us and one less day of winter. Busy planning the next trip to paradise, I yearn for white warm sand this winter! A hut on the hill, an ocean view, fresh buko and papaya, fish and rice, how nice!

Building a typhoon / quake resistant pentagon shaped home this time out of concrete and steel, one that is hard to knock down and will stand for a century, or more… I expect my children’s children will be born in that house and we will build it to last!

Here I’ll hang my hammock and plant my garden, grow my roots and plan my day around the rising and falling sun and tides, the fishing boats and afternoon showers. It will allow me to tune into my inner voice, my creative flow will manifest unfettered by the noise and jabber of so called civilization.

My five year plan will bring me to this place, the seasons will come and go and soon enough I’ll be there.  My family grows with me!


The Times, they Really are a Changing!

Just love!

We got back to the basics about the Holy-days this year. More quality time and effort was spent with family and friends than past years and the whole material aspect was put aside. The kids and grand-kids were more concerned about family time than on “What do I get?” Perhaps the harder times are bringing out the best in all of us?

One positive side to a weak economy is that I see more and more people are refusing to buy into the hype and go into debt over the Holy-days. My grand-daughter made me the most exquisite card and gift in school. I am delighted every time I see the snow man photo frame she made me, and the hand made cutout card she spent so much time on,  it means more to me than a new whatchamagigger ever did!

My kids were just happy to see me, forgetting about the gifts. Since we’ve been scattered the past few years, its easy to see whats most important in their eyes and hearts. A day on the beach or on a frozen lake brings an incredible level of joy and happiness, more than a cruise trip to the Bahama’s and much more affordable too!

A simple celebration under the coconut palms is worth more to me than a trip to Disneyland, any day. There is food, fun, conversation and laughter, not to mention a gallon jug of home made buko wine passed around the circle. Someone brings a basket full of fresh papaya, mango’s or fried bananas and sweetbread, it doesn’t get any better!

It’s true, challenges and hard times tend to bring the best out in all of us. Maybe these troubled times are just the way God and the Universe have of rebooting humanity, when people can give more love than hate or fear, we’ll have the solutions we need to truly prosper! 2012 will test us, and bring out the best if we let it!

Happy New Year to All!

Blue Gold and Belief

The commodity of the future is something more precious than metals or oil. Without it, we would perish and many countries are facing that grim scenario.

We are blessed in the United States in that we hold the biggest natural supply of this life giving substance than any other country. We are truly living in a land of “Milk and Honey,” but the problem affects all who live in the United States on many levels. Towns and cities are drying up here too, as we speak!

Fresh water will dictate politics and the wars of the future. With climate change and the desertification of major population centers around the world, fresh water will be the only real commodity. Let’s face the truth, when a body lacks water it dies in a matter of hours. It’s quite the same when a region dries up, forests turn to deserts and blow away. Life becomes impossible. “Existence,” as we know it, is impossible in either scenario.

What will become of 2/3 of the worlds population that depends on this life source, and is losing their very life blood and existence? Time will tell the story, perhaps Jesus or Aliens will come down from the heavens to help us out.

Or, we may come together as one “humanity” and figure out solutions to the problems facing the world and it’s, inhabitants. We may advance in intelligence to the point of knowing that wars need to become obsolete and cooperation the new model, if we want to survive as a species.

Unbelievable, right? That belief is what keeps us from living in a prosperous heavenly world. Amazing things happen when a group of people come together and believe!




Faith vs Fear, Christmas season 2011

It’s hard to remain positive in these “End of Days” times.  According to the media, the whole world is hell bent and successful on bringing us all down. Just for a twisted kind of fun, I did my own experiment.

For starters, take a look at the headlines, I just picked the first 5 that pop up on Yahoo, MSN, or any major news provider. Here is my list from Yahoo as of right now, today December 8th. You can make your own evaluation at just about any time, any day, anywhere.

This is only an observation. What prompted me to write this post was an email I received from “Mind Movies,” a company that preaches the power of  making your own positive imaging slide show or video for personal growth and prosperity. This email was promoting an end of times as we know it video on the collapse of the world economy, and how to profit during the impending doom and unbelievable hard times to come.

For example at the top of the list is…

Alabama GOP leaders have second thoughts on immigration - Maybe they passed this state legislation a bit hastily, having harassed legal foreign workers to the point companies don’t want to do business here anymore.

Number 2 on the list is…

Senate rejects Democratic payroll tax cut proposal - Politics as usual.


Here’s amazing number 3…

EPA says fracking may have caused polluted groundwater  – Opp’s! Sorry we ruined your only source of water! We’ll do better next time!

Number 4 is a bit milder…

Rabbi to become Army chaplain, beard and all, court rules - This one is the result of centuries old religious practice of not trimming one’s beard. Tell that to Sergeant Slaughter will you?

Last on my list, but not least! Number 5…

D.C. gridlock could hurt economy in early 2012 - Ending the year on yet another political downbeat, problem is there is no place to hide on this sinking ship!

These examples don’t include the headline about the woman, buried alive by her fiance, who dig herself out of a cardboard coffin with her wedding ring and the Christmas photo taken  near the White House that landed a man in jail.  Not to mention the latest 2 victims of yet another Virginia Tech shooting.

It’s no wonder people are fearful about the future, being brainwashed constantly with this kind of media negativity. What chance do we have as a world connected by technology and the media to live together in peace and prosperity? Not much, unless the news we are feed changes from junk food to something enlightening and positive!

How about posting some solutions to the endless problems of a fearful world?

What chance do we have as individuals to live with inner peace and prosperity? Is it just another day of hard times we have to look forward to, forever?

If we are to be vaccinated from negativity, just turn off the news and do something positive! World change begins with each one of us!

P.S. Tell a friend…




1985 A Year of Living Dangerously

If Singapore is the City of Lions, then Jakarta is more than just another Province. It is the Capital of Indonesia and has all the excitement and trappings of any Mega-city.

We flew into a whole new world, accented by the constant and immediate pungent odor of kretek or Clove-tobacco cigarettes. The call to prayer rings out like clockwork and a whole new buffet of the senses to sample. Traffic is to die for, literally! Our cabby almost ran over one fellow and his girlfriend on the way to our hotel, they got a little too close on their motorbike and he decided to give them a little bump, just to keep them honest!

Thank God, our time in Jakarta was limited. Before long, we hopped a train to Bandung.  Finally out of the city, we entered a land of beautiful terraced rice paddies broken up by beautiful green mountains. It was a ride to remember, my eyes were soaking it all in and the trip ended much too quickly.  Bandung is another city of millions and surrounded by volcano’s. We were taken to a beautiful house on an avenue lined with tall palm trees. It felt great to lag out there and get caught up to the local time.

I ventured out into the neighborhood and got a feel for the city, took some pictures at a Chinese Cemetery and tried not to get lost. The expense that went into the construction of these grave sites is something to marvel at, some worthy of a king! I captured it all on film, one day I’ll put it all together into a fantastic slide show.

Going out to eat was a trip in itself, seemed we lived on chicken satay with peanut sauce, many unfamiliar foods along with hot chili sauces and rice. Morning meals usually consisted of a heap of greasy fried rice and a couple cold sunny side up eggs staring back at me.  Nasi goreng as its affectionately called, we came to know it as nauseating goreng. I begged the driver to get me some papaya, mangos, anything but greasy rice!

Still on the move, we took jeeps down perilous wrong way yak paths to a mountain city called Garut.  We found a Shangri la hotel built over a hot spring. Since I love to soak this was a heavenly place, my room had its own deep tub and I could watch the goldfish swim by my front door. Like living in a dream almost!

So we finally made it to our destination, the town we would call home for the next two months. We relocated to an old Dutch style home, painted over the dirt, and settled in. Our bodies adjusted to all the changes just in time to go to work, the only casualty was when one of our mates got black tongue disease and had to have a 4 inch dirty needle shoved into his posterior. The things a person puts up with when his tongue turns black!

Surveying for Geothermal power sources on active volcano’s and caldera’s sounded exciting, trekking through small villages and cutting jungle paths with machetes. It was a adventuretographers dream come true! The people we hired on to work with us were great personalities, known by their first name only. They thought we were crazy white dudes, and they were right!

We learned some basic Bahasa Indonesia, slang words and phrases like “bagus” for thumbs up or good, and “tida bagus,” for the opposite. We learned to count quick and easily by playing cribbage and counting the numbers in Bahasa. This is a great way to learn how to say numbers in any language.

Work began by unpacking our gear, hiring a crew of locals and trekking 2 hours by foot to the job site, a mountainous steamy region of thick jungle, tropical rain forest, active caldera’s and steep, deep rivers that cut through it all. This job was not going to be a walk in the park!


Thanksgiving Day and Here come the Holy-Days!

It’s that time of year again, the Holy-Days!

Black Friday is here, except this year they renamed it “Blue Friday.” Why not call it what it is, “Black and Blue Friday?” People seriously getting beat up and pepper sprayed over saving a few bucks! Only in America!

Kicks off the holidays spending spree from now until Christmas, when most everyone goes into debt in the traditional buying frenzy. At least their putting dollars back into the economy!

It’s my bit of insanity and I have to chuckle, anyway, I’m going to buy a comforter for $9.99 at K-Mart Friday morning, (between 5am and 9am only,) for the long, cold, winter mornings that are just around the bend. I may even get a cordless drill for half price off the “Special,” because I’ll have the 50% coupon off anything under $30.00, good only on Saturday.

I won’t be going into debt, if I do any Christmas shopping it will be after New Years when “the stuff” is dumped for pennies on the peso. Shhhhh!

What ever happened to the Christmas Holy-Day Season? I remember it well, spending Christmas week in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, back in 1987.  It was the Christmas week of my life, non-stop partying in the streets, where total strangers would take you by the arm into their homes and stuff you full of Christmas Tamales, Tequila, and dancing the night away with a beautiful Senorita!

Non stop fireworks and regular parades of the Catholic faithful, marching through the streets with effigies and candles. The party and festivities didn’t end until January 1st and there was no noticeable emphasis on material things. The season was all about the Celebration of the Birth of Christ.  Santa Clause was a stranger, in fact I don’t think I saw him during the whole week, not even once! It was a long time ago…

I’d like to go back to Tapachula for Christmas and New Years Eve and see how things have changed over the years. I wonder if its still the same, or if it too has become a victim of the times. I’ll have to put that on my re-bucket list, been there, done that and have to do it again just to see if it was a dream or reality!

I have faith in the human heart and spirit, hanging on to that which has substance, in fact I crave it! Last Christmas was experienced eating fresh grilled fish, drinking Mango Shakes, and watching fire dancers on Alona Beach, Panglao, Philippines!

Hey, come to think of it, I didn’t see hide nor hair of Santa Claus there either, WOW! It was pure magic,  anyway what did you do for Christmas?

A better question is, “What would you like to be doing for Christmas?” All comments are welcome, as always!

Happy Holy-Days Friends!





Are you really “Living the Dream?”

I’ve always had a knack for finding ways to do the extraordinary. I’ve  had meals with tribal members in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, soaked in hot springs on active volcano’s in Java, Indonesia. I’ve run races through the streets of Singapore and eaten fresh picked Cacao fruit in Chiapas, Mexico.

I’ve found ways to travel and see the world, work, laugh and play with people and cultures in far away places, (without spending anything but my time and usually getting paid in the process!)

Now that I’m older and wiser, working in the jungles, deserts, and mountains has been transformed into something more in tune with my present life style.

The biggest challenge I had working for companies and seeing the world was I was always on their time clock. I didn’t  have the freedom to see and do things when and where I wanted to, but I still had fun!

Now I’ve discovered a way to travel first class for literally pennies on the dollar, I make regular trips to exotic, far away places! Watch for my Special Report on how you can do the same! I guarantee you’ll find it a great value, and the cost is right! (free)

It’s always a pleasure to have you take the time to visit my blog friends, please take a minute and vote on my content, share on FB and Twitter,  if you enjoy it pass it on!

Pause the World, Another day in Paradise!

Another day in Paradise

Three weeks in Paradise! The best medicine for what ails you, your stress levels melt away in the mid day sun, blood pressure drops and you smile a lot. I needed this trip!

New life, new beginnings. Start my day with a fresh green coconut (buko) and half a papaya, maybe a sweet banana or two. Bacon and eggs don’t even sound appetizing. The neighbor brings a pail of fresh fish by, caught the night before.  A pot of rice cooking on an open fire. Nothing weird in this cuisine, everything is organic, fresh, chemical free and delicious!

Sitting under a bamboo Palapa and reading a great book, the hours go by. Kids drop in to see what I’m doing. They work and play, laugh and love all day long. Families are tight in paradise, older kids helping the babies, cousins, sisters and brothers exist as one. Families are born, live and die together, generation after generation.

Life is hard here, no machines to wash your laundry, its done by hand, one piece at a time. Water is hauled in 5 gallon containers from the tap down the way. There’s food to gather, Cassava root to dig, peel, wash and shred. Piles of white powder to dry overnight and then sift again the next day. It makes a fine sweet cake when mixed with green buko jelly and baked in a pit of hot coals! Not an extra ounce of fat on anyone, even the seniors have six pack ab’s, lean and muscled, they can outwork any twenty year old from the good old U.S.A!

There’s nothing like hiking down to the beach during low tide and digging clams and conch shells! Food is everywhere in Paradise, paid for with sweat and toil. There’s value in everything, nothing is wasted or taken for granted. Life surrounds you and embraces you. Music plays, people sing and the day goes by.

Evenings are spent sitting together and telling stories, laughing about this or that. Someone brings you a glass of buko wine, tastes a bit vinegary but gives a warm happy feeling! The sun goes down, chickens fly up in the banana trees to sleep. Everything winds down, its 8pm and time for bed. Sleep and dreams come quickly under a ceiling fan on a warm tropical night.

The roosters start crowing about 4am and they don’t stop. It’s time to wake up and do it all over again, the music and singing begin and its a new day. Same as yesterday!

Blueberry beer and baseball!

Go Tigers!

I had the pure pleasure of sampling two of the best American past times this evening. One being World Series playoffs. Both playoff games were exciting to the last out. The way these teams have been playing, you don’t even want to take a minute to use the bathroom.

The second pleasure was the sampling of a very unique American beverage that I had never before experienced. Blueberry beer, no less! It was delicious and at 8% alcohol content, quite potent. It sure made the games more interesting!

What more can I say :)

Blue Flash!

There’s an amazing natural phenomena happening on Imperial Beach!

A bloom of algae called “red tide” is occurring on the Southern California coastline. The most amazing feature of red tid is a phosphorescent  green or blue flash that is created by the stirring or movement of the organisms in the water as the waves break on the beach, or as marine life swim and disturb the algae. Surfers love it too!

I’ve witnessed this event a few times in my life, one most notable algae bloom occurred when I was working on a marine survey crew off the beautiful beaches of Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico in 1979.  What made this natural miracle so outstanding was the amount of algae in the sea, making the water, beach and sand a fantastic light show that only nature can create!

It was absolutely surreal, like breaking open a huge glow light and pouring its contents into the sea, lighting up the surf and breaking on the shoreline. The remnants lingering in the sand, you could grab a handful and stir it, activating a miniature glowing universe!

Having spent some time working in the area, I became friends with a poor family who lived in a small cement shack only a hundred yards or so from the waters edge. The older couple had five children, and eked out what living they could collecting and selling firewood to the Phoenix, AZ college crowd who drove down to “Rocky Point” and overtook “Sandy Beach” every weekend.  The family lived there for years I guess, and always made an effort to include us in their family meals and get together’s.

I had some work to do on the site one night and once it got dark enough, the brilliant light show manifested for all to see and marvel at. I got excited and went to the families house to show them what was going on right in their own back yard. The family usually retired at sundown and I lured them out with “Ven a ver,” “Come see, Come see!”

The children were the first to follow me out to the beach. They were dumbfounded by the display, having never seen such a thing before. They were a bit frightened by it, and cautiously picked up some frothy sand and stirred it with tiny fingers. It was a free magic show to them, all the way!

They were ecstatic about the miracle and ran back to drag the elders out to come see. To my surprise,  the parents had pretty much the same reaction as the children, their eyes opened wide and a expressed a bit of fear at first. They relaxed a bit as the children played and saw there was nothing to fear and everything to enjoy!

I was amazed in a different way, like acres of diamonds shining brightly, right in their own back yard, they could have missed the fireworks entirely, had they not ventured out into the dark night to behold the display.

It reminds me a lot of the desperate majority, never stepping out into the real world to enjoy all there is to see, to feel, to smell and listen too. Most families get their stimulus from sitting in front of a big or little flat screen. That’s about all they know about the real world.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

Humor me

Worth a smile!

I know, there’s not much to laugh about.  That’s what they want us to believe anyway. With unemployment, the economy, hyper-inflation, immigration reform, the upcoming elections (another year of political ads OMG), global warming, violence in the schools, natural catastrophes,  what does anyone have to laugh about? Not to mention my NFL favorite teams are all in last place :-( It can only get worse!

I’ve noticed that when I am confronted with something that is truly funny, something that gets me laughing to tears, all the troubles in the universe are gone, at least for a brief moment. Where did they go?

While searching out the latest catastrophes to start the day, whether it be on CNN, Yahoo, or the local news station, keep in mind that it only takes  a little negativity to make a huge impact on how we think and how we feel inside. A little more jaw clench, a pain in the side, or an angry look at the jerk who cut you off on the drive to work this morning. Maybe even the middle finger!

Why not make a concerted effort to find something hilarious to enjoy with your morning 6 cups of Java? Try searching out the insanely funny for a week and see if it makes a difference in your outlook and how you interact with others. There’s a couple billion ways to LOL on YouTube alone, seek them out and share the really great ones!

Like taking my vitamins each morning, LOL can make a tremendous difference on how I feel the whole day. That could catch on and become viral.

Look out world!

What moves you?

Don't bite!

Another beautiful sunny fall day and all is well.  You can spot a smile most anywhere these days. Like a yawn, smiles are contagious and help us feel the joy in that brief moment, when two souls communicate in wordless greeting!

I see hundreds of faces every day. A good many will hang their head or turn away as they walk on by. Whats to fear in a smile or friendly hello? I won’t bite!

I’m happy these days, not only for the perfect weather. I have a new adventure before me, like a crystal spinning rainbows I reach for it in anticipation and longing. Loved ones to join and play with, white sandy beaches and blue water.

It’s time to pack my bags again and embrace my existence. I live for the next adventure!

New life baby! What moves you?

The Best Day Ever!

Don’t let them fool you, today is a GREAT DAY!

The sun is shining bright, a  beautiful Sunday, one of the best! There was the awesome time in  church.  A powerful, amazing message today about prayer and blessings.

A day of rest, rejuvenation, and plenty. The great American past time, football season is back.  The team is winning, yea!

Tune out the bad, tune in the good. I’m healthy, happy, and wiser today.  I haven’t even bothered to look at the news today and I’m better off for it. I’m sure if the world comes to an end today, I’ll hear about it.

Today is where it’s at, yesterday has already passed and tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. To be sure, the moment is where I dwell today, first this moment, then that one, then the next… I’ll make the best of each moment or won’t.

We own our choices, why waste a moment in negativity?


Fear won’t set you Free

If you don’t live in a cave, you have probably noticed just how much negativity is being poured on us from every direction,  from our caring and concerned buddies, the mainstream media or what I have labeled, “the dark side.”

If like attracts like and we are attracted to the fear that’s plastered all over modern media, we become victims of fear. We won’t find peace, sleep well, nor will we be content. The beast has us right where it wants us my friends and it will strip us of our motivation, confidence and power to live our dreams.

We must fight the fears and media demons with the positive power of faith, motivation, and positive action, to move forward into the light. We will have to cut ourselves off from that which binds us to fear, not an easy thing to do in this media controlled and saturated world we live in.  It takes a conscious and consistent effort to tune out the negativity that steals the life force from within us.

We must connect with the energy of positive souls who can enrich and nourish our lives. Mastermind the actions and ideas that are supportive to growth and advancement of humanity. Disconnect from the dark side and plug into pure potential of truth, freedom and abundance! When enough people decide to stop the insanity and take the path with heart, the world will be transformed in an instant!

Tuned in?


What results are you getting?

Its amazing what the human mind can manifest when your antenna is tuned in to the limitless. Good or bad, you will attract what you focus on in the areas of health, wealth, spirituality, relationships and life. It’s not magic, but a manifestation of the creative force that drives us to bring forth greatness into the world. Like tuning a radio to receive the clearest signal and best sound possible, being off just a notch creates a negative result, static and a confusing mix of sounds and reactions.

I have to remind myself to stand guard, bombarded by the constant negativity of the press and events,  exposing myself to mindless chatter in the form of music, movies and well meaning naysayers can bring me down in an instant.  Your growth is equivalent to that of the five or ten people you spend the most time with. Take a good look your sphere of influence and see who’s lifting you up and who’s bringing you down. Note the level of health, spirituality, finances, relationships and lifestyles, you may want to change it up a bit!


Claim your Abundance, Or Don’t

A little bit goes a long way!

There are numerous stories in history that address Abundance, the Law of Attraction and Prosperity Principles. The Old and New Testament are filled with them, as are the writings and stories in every spiritual work. What did these Millionaires of Old have that we don’t have?

Unshakable faith is a key ingredient to a world of plenty and focus. It’s difficult to focus on anything good when your world is filled with doom and gloom in the form of The Public Media. The teachings say what we focus on is what we attract, if so, how can watching and listening to the media, TV News, movies and negative programming bring anything good to the table? If the Law of Attraction holds true, what we focus on becomes our reality, even on a mass scale. No wonder the world seems to be going down the toilet, right before our eyes!

Faith the size of a mustard seed can move that mountain! Just how big is a mustard seed anyway? Its seriously tiny on a scale of things. What would happen if everyone on the planet had faith the size of a mustard seed? Like a seed, its easy to lose, drop, blow away in the wind of some negative news report or the constant ramble of mindless politicians.

The mind machine would have you believe the end is near, maybe a week or year from now.  If what you focus on becomes your reality, are you focusing on the good in life? Are you focusing on your dream?

Whats Freedom got to do with it?

All the buzz about deficits and debt, stocks and the economy.  The News Mongrels are having a hay day with it, cashing in on fear and loathing of the good old reliable American System!

The Management Team has either been making some incredibly poor business decisions the past hundred years and there are some deep, dark, greed inspired secrets that need to be revealed.  Exactly how will this world economy crisis affect my dream, your dream, or your children’s dreams? This remains to be seen.

Any farmer knows you can spread all the manure you want, if you don’t take care of the rest of the details you can still wind up with a field full of incredibly healthy weeds. It seems there may be enough going on to finally spur the majority to take action, eliminate the weeds and have the opportunity to get things in order.  Or the majority can choose to sit on their asses and watch their freedom and livelihood go away on TV.

Be a farmer, get up early and get to work, get things done and do them right! Learn from the mistakes of the past and don’t repeat them. Grow good fruit and prosper your children’s children. When you see weeds taking over, get rid of them, whether they be of a political nature, or the weeds, doubts and fears that grow in an untended mind.  Put down the chips, turn off the TV, and take action!

America is a great country, the Earth is a world of plenty in an endless universe. There is abundance enough for all, more than enough to go around. Stop fearing and start sharing, sharing ideas, dreams, energies. With the awesome potential we have available today, there is no limit on what we can produce, right here, right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is never today!




Peel a Coconut with your Teeth?

The Buko King 

A Man who peels coconut with his teeth!

While crossing a bamboo bridge in Bohol, Philippines, we came upon a sign hanging from a coconut tree.


A man who peels a coconut with his bare teeth in less than fifteen seconds, ten seconds on a good day. He’s a local legend for sure, people from all over the world come to see him doing his thing!

Watching this impressive feat in person gave my creative mind something to ponder.  Did the Buko King start peeling coconuts as a child, or was this skill developed by careful practice and repetition in his adulthood? Most people I know use a machete, yet here is someone who can do the job in less time with nothing more than his teeth! Now that he has developed his skill, can he make a living by doing live performances for adventurous bamboo bridge crosser’s like myself?

The answers to these questions will probably never be revealed, unless I go back to the bamboo bridge in Bohol and interview this incredible fellow. One thing is certain, any skill can be mastered whether it be building relationships on the Internet, or peeling coconuts with your teeth, although the latter may have something to do with excellent dental genetics.

The Buko King has mastered something few can duplicate and he’s built a brand that travels the globe. How hard would it be for you or I to sit in our comfortable computer chairs and do something spectacular? Relationships are where its at folks.  Its a good beginning for anyone who’s wanting to build a worldwide web of influence online!



Wrestling an Alligator?

An alligator is a creature known for having a big mouth and small brain and they are not afraid to use them. They can inflict injury, death and destruction to your dreams if you let them,  so when it rears its ugly head, remember this!

If you live in Florida, alligators are everywhere, as you drive along the highways you’ll see them sunning in the canals and ditches on the roadside.  They exist in human form, laying along the pathway of life, ever ready to open that gaping mouth and take a bite of your dreams, your ideas and progress. Happiness for an alligator is living a routine and predictable lifestyle.

Most of us have friends and family members who have to let us know that our dream building is risky, dangerous, or downright stupid. I like to think of these well meaning advisers as “Alligators.” Don’t get me wrong,  I love my friends and family members.  I’m posting on this topic because dream hungry alligators appear in many forms as you move forward into your dreams and start to make progress. They would like you to think they are looking out for your best interest…

“Hey alligator,” that may be your dream, and its okay! Live it and love it, be happy! Allow others the opportunity to live their dreams and encourage them to do so.  Let them make their mistakes and learn from them.  It only took Edison around 10,000 tries to invent a working light bulb.

Personally, I don’t get much pleasure sitting on a couch with the TV on. I might miss out on something much more interesting, something called life!


Dad Discovers Secrets to Facebook Success in an Hour Or Less!


Today more than ever the part time entrepreneur needs to uncover ways to attract quality targeted leads in a minimum amount of time. It’s tough to come home from work or school, have dinner, and get some work done between demands of time with the family, distractions, unanticipated phone calls, you name it. The evening hours slip away so fast, it takes discipline, time management, and efficiency to find an hour or two in your day for doing focused, productive activity and move your business forward.

Facebook is one tool if utilized to its full potential, that will allow you to make enough contacts and build quality business relationships in minutes. The Secret is consistent daily activity that will fill your pipe line over time. You can manage a home business along with a full time job and family obligations, until you have grown enough to scale down or eliminate your full time job, and experience the Legacy Income and Time Freedom that so many are dreaming about.

Like baking Grandma’s perfect apple pie, there is a recipe to follow. Alter the recipe and you will have a different product, stay with a proven recipe and your pies will be sought after and talked about, duplicated and passed on for generations!

Part of that recipe is getting education that will allow you to succeed in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort. Like Granny’s apple pie, you need to learn the skills that will duplicate, and build your Legacy even while you sleep! Time is the most valuable commodity you possess, time to watch your children grow, time to exercise, time to build and enjoy your dreams…

For example, simple math will tell you how many active members you will need in your business to earn a specific amount of residual income. It’s an easy matter to take the average commission paid, and divide it into your goal income to see where you stand compared to other compensation plans. Why would you want to work five or even ten times harder then you need to?

The truth shows that most people do not understand compensation plans enough to be sure how much they are earning. Companies make them difficult to understand for this very reason, hiding the bottom line in terminology they hope no one will take the time to decipher. A good majority of the compensation plans are designed to profit the company and upper level affiliates while the part timer gets the scraps.

Another trap to watch out for exists in the policies and procedures of 98% of all the existing companies in Network Marketing. Gotcha clauses that give the company an unfair advantage on how they can control, or even take away your business and hard earned income, overnight.

Clauses like “Ongoing Training and Support” mean you can never retire. Renewable yearly memberships can be conveniently not renewed for what ever reason. You stand no chance in court because your checked the box in agreement with the companies Policies & Procedures.

A good question to ask  is “How many pages are in the Company Contract?” The more pages, the better chance your company is building a pile of leverage against you, most definitely not in your favor! The majority of excited associates don’t even bother to take the time to do an in depth review of their company policies and procedures.

The bottom line is you owe it to yourself and your family to do your homework when it comes to picking an opportunity to work with. Learning how to attract leads on Facebook is of secondary importance if you’re in the wrong opportunity to begin with. Get educated, evaluate your opportunity, learn the marketing skills and get to work!

Paul W. Murphy

Why is it That Six Figure Income Earners Are Suffering?


Why is it that Million dollar income earners are sweating the economic times along with the thousandaire’s? Is it because they never learned the Principles of Financial Control and Stability? In other words, they are living well beyond their means. Out go is far greater than income, rather they are banking their livelihood on IF COME! Spending tomorrows wages today!

Along with bigger incomes comes a bigger appetite to spend. It’s not hard to spend more than you earn, even when you’re a millionaire, ask some of the mega stars who are splattered all over the front page news. The one’s who are losing their assets to the bank, the cars, yachts, mansions, and marriages.

Take Network Marketers for example. Many are earning fantastic incomes, yet if their company went under today, or gave them the boot on some technicality in the Policies and Procedures, they would have no money to sustain the outgo of their over indulgent lifestyles.

They wouldn’t have the 50 K a month they are used to spending, and the hammer would fall quickly.

Others gain incredible wealth, then decide they will become experts in Real Estate, Commodities, Metals, you name it, I mean experts overnight. They listen to the hype of the brokers, and forget to realize that if the brokers had such a sure thing going, would they really be working in some dingy cubical, barking hype at greedy hopeful’s who are wanting to double and triple their investment overnight?

If you aren’t educated in the Principles of True Wealth and Financial Freedom, you are sure to crash and burn like a Hollywood has been.

Serious Marketing Professionals will make the investment in their mind to prosper while the masses fail.

Hungry entrepreneurs take the time investment to learn. Hobby builders get more credit cards, new cars, wave runners and snow machines. Playing with borrowed time, compound interest eating them alive as they sleep. Debt is a cancer, you must learn to surgically remove it immediately to prosper your children’s children.

Learn from the best in the business!

Paul W. Murphy